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At PondScapes Atlanta, we have been building and maintaining koi ponds everywhere in Kansas City for hundreds of customers for over 10+ years. Pond cleaning is a very essential part of maintaining your landscaping – and PondScapes Atlanta is proud to provide the service to help you make sure that your clean koi pond will be beautiful all summer long.

As with all things, water gardens can have their share of issues. Leaks, algae blooms and other issues can be relatively easy to fix. Although, when the favorite koi starts having problems, it takes an expert to find the cause.

Pondscapes Atlanta has that trained eye. Between us we have over fifteen years of fish keeping experience. Our expert, Rich Carter, has a BS in Science in fisheries and aquaculture. He has managed many large-scale aquatic stores, and a exotic fish hatchery. From his extensive background our expert can help with getting your favorite fish healthy again quickly. Often times, a simple water quality sampling and observation are enough to fix a fish-related problem. Unfortunately, there are cases when your aquatic environment are far worse off, and we need to supply a microscopic analysis to pinpoint the source of the problem. Pondscapes Atlanta has the tools to do just that. Once we know the problem, we can make recommendations to eradicate parasites and disease with regards to the specific issue.

Reasons to Clean your 64151 Pond

Some aquatic environments are never cleaned and the ponds and its occupants survive handsomely. However, a large number of ponds are established with large fish populations or are built in locations where the aquatic environment is inundated with a great deal of debris during the season. Regardless if you just establish a few fish initially, in a healthy pond they will breed to an unsustatinable level until the number of aquatic creatures will push the environmental balance of your aquatic environment and biofilter.

Removing debris in the fall reduces wastes in the lower levels of the pond which may become anaerobic if sufficient oxygen is not available, creating a breeding supply for harmful organisms, or which may start rotting, releasing ammonia and other dangerous pollutants that can be trapped under the water shelf. The establishment of these toxins can create fish kills during the winter. While keeping a hole in the ice over the cold season will assist with alleviating the accumulation of toxins, pond maintenance before winter sets in will help eliminate the overall potential for issues.

Cleaning the pond in the warmer months may help with reducing diseases and parasites that often occur as the aquatic environment and its biology warms up for the middle of the year, as well as reduce the overall supplication of nutrients that stimulate algae growth.

Featured Testimonial

I contacted Pondscapes Atlanta after receiving two different quotes with pricing and installation differences.  Richard went through the quotes and explained everything in detail.  He was very patient with my lack of knowledge questions.  We discussed what I wanted and he made it better than I expected.   Pondscapes Atlanta did a great job installing our small pond in front of our house.  It is so calming sitting outside and driving up to our house.  We get constant compliments from anyone driving by day and night.   

Since our installation two years ago Richard continues to answer my calls and questions. We are very happy with Pondscapes Atlanta.


Michelle - Smyrna, GA

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