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At PondScapes Atlanta, we have been building and maintaining koi ponds everywhere in Kansas City, MO 64151 for hundreds of clients for over 10+ years. Pond cleaning is a very essential part of keeping up with your landscaping – and PondScapes Atlanta is proud to offer the service to help you make sure that your landscaping water garden will be beautiful all summer long.

Additionally, water gardens can have their share of problems. Leaks, algae blooms and other issues can be relatively easy to fix. However, when the favorite koi starts having problems, it takes a trained eye to find the cause.

Pondscapes Atlanta has that trained eye. Our experts have over fifteen years of aquatic management experience. Our Aquatic Biologist, Rich Carter, has a BS in Science specializing in fisheries and aquaculture. He has supervised many large-scale fish stores, and a tropical fish hatchery. Pulling from this extensive background he can help with getting your favorite fish back on the road to recovery quickly. Sometimes, a quick water quality test and assessment are enough to help a fish-related problem. Unfortunately, there are cases when your aquatic environment are far worse than first thought, and we need to supply a microscopic analysis to pinpoint the source of the problem. Pondscapes Atlanta has the right tools to accomplish just that. Once we have verified the problem, we can make recommendations to eradicate parasites and diseases based on the specific issue.

Reasons to Clean your Kansas City, MO 64151 Pond

Some ponds are never maintained and the ponds and its occupants survive handsomely. However, a majority of ponds are created with high fish densities or are established in locations where the aquatic environment is inundated with a great deal of debris over the year. Even if you just establish a few fish in the beginning, in a balanced pond they will multiply to an unsustatinable level until the number of fish will push the environmental balance of your pond and pumps.

Cleaning during the autumn months helps eliminate wastes in the bottom of the pond which may become anaerobic if sufficient oxygen is not available, generating a breeding supply for harmful disease, or which may decompose, creating ammonia and other dangerous chemicals that can be trapped under the ice. The establishment of these toxins can create fish depopulation during the winter. While maintaining a clearing in the ice over winter will help with alleviating the accumulation of gases, pond maintenance before winter sets in will help eliminate the overall potential for problems.

Cleaning the pond in the warmer months may assist in reducing infections and parasites that often occur as the pond and its biology heat up for the summer, as well as reduce the overall supplication of food that stimulate algae blooms.

Featured Testimonial

Rich Carter and the team at Pondscapes Atlanta did a tremendous job reconstructing my pond. I had installed it with the house 12 years ago and when Rich and his team rebuilt it from the ground up, I came to appreciate how much my first installation lacked in terms of infrastructure, proper filtration and lighting.  Rich's team was highly professional and their work is first rate.  I am very happy with the results and intend to keep Pondscapes Atlanta as the team I turn to first from here on out. 



Kerien King, Canton, GA

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